Together with colleagues from several youth organisations, I went to Taizé for a few days and also had the chance to get a short glimpse of some places nearby…


Known for being the place where thousands of young people meet every year. Taizé itself is a small village but hosts up to 5000 young pilgrims at a time. In another photo series, I tried to capture the spirit of Taizé.


Just a few kilometers from Taizé is Cluny, the site of a former benedictine abbey which used to be one of the most influentual monasteries in medieval Europe. The monastery was forcibly closed in the French revolution, its library burned and most of the buildings torn down by Napoleon.


I was pleasantly surprised by Lyon. A charming city with a beautiful old town – and it even has a mini Eiffel Tower! 😀

And the way home…

The TGV train station that was built by Santiago Calatrava next to Lyon Airport is just spectacular – it also served as the inspiration for the new WTC transportation hub in New York by the same architect. This alone would be worth a visit…

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